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September 26

September 26, 2016

Desperation is palatable in the dark.
Distractions abound by day, creating a separation of the function and the fervor contained within a heart. But this civil tongue is undone by the sight of bared flesh under the light of a maddening moon. It wants only to lash out, to speak of sin and forgetfulness, to etch the memory of hunger repressed, on every square inch.
Tangled somewhere between the inhale and the exhale, the grip and the gasp, the want and the need, limbs clasped and held tight, in a futile attempt to keep the reality of tomorrow at bay.


September 25

September 26, 2016

Cold nights creep into the early light of morning with the promise of fall colour made tangible. Vibrancy rules under grey skies, a reminder that though everything at some point is going to die, that is no reason not to put on a glorious show.

The green recedes like spring in reverse, as blooms shed their petals, floral breadcrumbs to show winter how to get home. Sleepy flies stumble across the threshold by accident, find temporary resurgence by the heat of a barely lit woodstove (it’s just practicing at this point), realize the folly of their actions, then let go.


September 23

September 24, 2016

The rain on the roof reminds me of the morse code my heart dot dash taps to my brain when I see you.
Except the message got lost on the way,
tangled in the memories of how your fingers feel on my skin,
how your kisses reach all the way to my toes,
which stretch up because they know my lips want you closer.

The irregular rhythm of my heart reminds me of how it skips a beat and heads straight for thump on it’s way to pound, a tempo that drives me to distraction, then conveniently loses the keys.


September 10

September 10, 2016

Switching perspective from ‘the fear is what stops me’ to ‘the fear is what drives me’ seems difficult at first glance. But it’s just a matter of wording.

‘I’m afraid I can’t so I won’t try’, becomes ‘I’m afraid I won’t be able to, so I’d better’.

I’ve never really been driven, content to go along for the ride, see where I ended up. Most of the time, I’ve been really fortunate. But a passive role in my own existence doesn’t satisfy the way it used to. I don’t know that it matters when it happens, but today seems reasonable.


September 9

September 9, 2016

Yesterday, I posted nothing here. For the last week or so, I’ve been doing a drabble a day. 100 words. If for no other reason than to keep the homefires burning. Keep the words from drying up altogether. A use it or lose it mentality.

I fight so much with the notion that the constant flow dilutes the quality so last night I took a break. It was partly unintentional, I passed out at a relatively early hour, and partly because I wanted to see if a day off gave me more inspiration. Turns out nope. So I’ll just keep writing.


September 7

September 7, 2016

If the glow that comes to me
from a star already dead,
brightens my world,
gives me hope that wishes might come true
How does that reflect on the perspective of finality?

Stories and songs,
varied and similar,
carried and passed along,
like distant lights from time travelers carrying treasure maps of genetic instruction,
meant to reassure me
that I am intrinsic.

One day, this form will be finished,
but nothing ever really leaves.
These memories we carry,
these points of light that connect,
these moments when there is no thought of before or after,
this is when we shine.


September 6

September 6, 2016

Delighted suddenly, with the surprise that I’m not worried about what’s coming up for me. I’ve been telling myself I should be concerned, that the trajectory of my life is heading in an unanticipated direction but I feel like I’ve got no reason to be scared. When did being afraid change from a thrill, a shriek, a giggle infused reminder of the way blood feels when it pounds, to a status quo and a way to stop myself from living fully. Like most traditions, I don’t know when this one started but I’m feeling like it’s time to let go.

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