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October 5; playing catch up

October 6, 2016
A good writer friend has issued daily writing prompts for the month of October. I was cheating a bit, starting two days late, coming up with one liners, very low commitment. Though I am trying to be better at brevity and so terseness is welcome, it’s good to strike a balance. So I’ll catch up to the current date and do my best to finish the rest of the month here.
October 1 #blackout poetry
I won’t do it. I won’t do blackout poetry.
I can’t take away the work of some,
to sum up a sentiment I sought
Especially from a book borrowed, not bought
Call me greedy, indeedy you may
but I want all the words to stay.
October 2 #sudden changes
“You just never know,” she said, staring out into the middle distance, as though the answer lay somewhere on the horizon and was even now heading toward them along the twists and turns of the dusty dirt road.
“That is true.” He nodded his agreement while speaking it. “Honestly, I did not see that coming.”

October 3 #midnight sun

I shine brightest when you reach for me in the middle of the night.


October 4 #naked kisses

With one touch of his lips, he stripped her bare.

October 5 #smiles and daydream
The first time he woke up beside her,
the sleepy curve of her lips
a balance
between subtle seduction and unapologetic delight,
made him think he must still be asleep,
Because the waking world seemed too mundane for
Beauty like hers.
But he’d be damned if he was going to risk pinching himself.

October 3

October 3, 2016

while not the choice of cunning cat burglary enthusiasts
Nevertheless inspires a strong sense of shifting temperatures.
A fall fashion featured in soon to be scuffed freshly waxed hallways
and playgrounds saturated with the screams of remembering
how to get the most out of recreation
within compartmentalized increments of time.
An unstealth school day staple of same colour stripeyness
Against a backdrop of whisperwicking sounds
made by wanderers running amok
on crackle leaf paths.


October 2

October 2, 2016

Autumn appetite
whets itself on the well loved dark and stormy night
As the September candle, all shades of flame
dim and recede in the rearview mirror.

Shivering in a porch chair
October in my hair,
a breeze that finds a way to spell out how goosebumps feel
on the nape of my neck.
New moon no light dark sky mystery rebound
from sane to scared senseless and back again
Bogeyman briar patch of wondering
Who is out there in the dark

Imagination running riot
The sounds of a creak on the stairs
Amplified by the calendar creep
And an inability to sleep
Without the covers pulled tight
To my chin.

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