I am intelligent. Irrepressible. Incorrigible. Irreverent. Idealistic. Illogical. Introverted. Inclusive. Independent.

Iconoclastic. Impertinent. Impressionable. And just a little bit insane. In the best possible sane way.

I am many things, encompassed by many words that don’t all begin with the letter I. But I figured since this is about me, I is a good place to start.

West coast of canada, born and raised, though my forays into the world outside a small island in the pacific have taken and will take me far from the place I once called home. These days there is no one place I call home, but there are a multitude of places I feel at home in. Perhaps it is one of these places I will settle, sometime. Perhaps I haven’t been there yet.

I am a rambler, a roamer, an anywhere I lay my head is homer. Not the pop culture icon who has come to represent the everyman and his wanton acceptance that to strive for mediocrity is his safest bet.  More of an odysseus channeling adventurous sort constantly seeking that place I will come to and realize it’s exactly where I’ve been headed without ever knowing how or when I would get there.

I love to play, to dance, to sleep, to dream, to sing, to eat, to laugh, to do all those things I am entitled to do without anyone objecting to my actions as a result of their dogma, politics or subjective view of how lives should be lived.

I reserve the right to make an ass of myself whenever I choose.

I find bliss in a perfect hula session, convincing my body to exact that new poi move I never thought I could do, the musician who can speak to me on a crowded dance floor, if only for a  moment. The first bite of a ripe peach, the unlooked for but incredibly satisfying back crack, the purr of a cat. A cup of tea that I taste in my nose the second before I taste it on my tongue. A hand resting softly between my shoulder blades, the smell of lilies,  barefeet anytime.

I’m on an adventure, a journey of the in and the out. A quest of sorts, to find quintessence.

Fortunately Satori is everywhere.  So there shouldn’t be too much trouble.

One comment

  1. Love your relationship to bliss. Reminds me of my thoughts on the mountain metaphor (on my blog if you’re interested). Blessings to you!


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