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The words

August 23, 2016

They come and they go,
an ebb and a flow
of creative delight and frustration
The hide in plain sight,
on signs left and right,
While the muse seems to take a vacation.

But then I glance at the moon
And my soul starts to swoon
Before long I remember the dance.
It can feel damn absurd
To consider a word
Has an immeasurable power to enhance.

Now I sit here serene
By the light of a screen
And type out some rhymes that feel silly
But so important the practice
When surrounded by things to distract us
And what better tribute is there, really?


As natural as breathing.

August 23, 2016
Breath caught and spun
around a tongue
with sensuality,
I taste the sound of your laughter.
Gripping it tight with my teeth,
giggling when it tickles,
finds it’s way through the gaps in my gums
and the fissures of my heart
with depth enough
to let in your light.
Absorption and reciprocation
of a refraction,
I exhale,
a sound of satisfaction,
both for the joy
And your reaction
When my lips wrap themselves around the letters of your name.
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