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More perspective

December 7, 2009

Little miss what am I doing trapped in this country when there are exotic locales to visit and people I haven’t met yet and food I haven’t tried and cobblestones I haven’t tripped over and ancient churches I haven’t walked past looking for that amazing falafel place I heard about and languages I haven’t completely misunderstood and monkeys I haven’t chittered at and trees I haven’t seen before and beaches I haven’t frolicked on and ….etc…

I grew up on Vancouver Island. I’ve never been to Tofino. Yes, it’s true. All this time I spend planning and scheming to get away from what’s been called the closest thing to populated paradise(which may change after the travesty that is the olympics-then it will just be populated…) has never once taken into account that I have seen so little of the awesomeness that is BC.

That may change.

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